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Music & Mindfulness Meet

Green Heart Awakening Wellness Lab on 158 E. Main St. Pendleton, SC 

Join a Sound Healing Class, or book a private session with Christy.  Looking for a different way to play ukulele or guitar - join a Mindful Music Class. Or book a mindfulness session to deepen your self-awareness, increase resilience, and cultivate a greater sense of calm & presence in your daily life.


What is Sound Healing? 

Just as instruments fall out of tune, so do we. Daily stress, anxiety, depression, over-stimulation, sickness, trauma...These are all common responses to our world.  Sometimes we just need a restart: a space to be still, listen, and heal. Sound Healing is a holistic therapeutic practice that utilizes the power of music & sound vibrations to restore balance and harmony within the body, mind, and spirit. A re-tuning that put us back INTUNE with ourselves, the world around us, and the Creator. 
Sound healing can facilitate a meditative state, leading to improved concentration and mental clarity, stimulate creativity and inspiration, and calm the nervous system lowering stress levels. Session begins with a guided meditation in which you are given the space to set your intention, as you sit in a comfortable position and breathe into a moment of calm and deep relaxation.

Yoga Nada (sound) and Yoga Nidra (sleep) aim to cultivate mindfulness, deep listening, and heighten awareness. In Yoga Nada, the focus on sound helps to center the mind, while in Yoga Nidra, we learn to observe thoughts and sensations without judgement. Both can be used in the practice of Sound Healing. 


Private Sound Healing Sessions

Experience the healing power of sound with a private sound healing session. Each session begins with a brief consultation to discuss your individual goals and/or intentions, followed by a guided meditation and a sound healing journey. Enjoy a deeply relaxing and restorative experience as you rest in the sonic vibrations of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, guitar, and other healing instruments.

One Hour Session: $55

30 Minute Session: $30

Studying at Home
Studying at Home

Mindful-Life Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching offers a holistic approach to helping you find ease, balance, and calm in your life. We will identify and challenge your limiting beliefs, so you can build resilience and cultivate a stronger sense of self and deeper spiritual connection. Together, we create a safe space for you to explore, learn, question, and grow.

Mindful Ukulele or 
Mindful Guitar

2-3 students for 6 week classes

Sheet Music and Guitar

Want to Book a Service?
Call or Text Christy @ 864-376-1167

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